Detroit Tigers Smartly Keep Jeff Jones As Pitching Coach

By Brent Smith
Steve Mitchell- USA TODAY Sports

When the Detroit Tigers hired Brad Ausmus a lot of people expected a clean house of new bench coaches and sweeping changes that would impact all of the current coaches on the team. Wisely, however, the Tigers and Ausmus have decided to keep Gene Lamont and now Jeff Jones in an attempt to bridge the new leadership with the old leadership which was pretty successful in its own merits. This isn’t a rebuild project so it is crucial for the team to not get rid of all of its coaches as if it is, and now with the commitment to Jeff Jones the Tigers can hit the ground running into next season.

Now no one is going to say it is exactly hard being the pitching coach of the Tigers with the amount of talent and arms that make up that starting rotation, but Jeff Jones has been a quiet leader that has been a major reason for the rebirth of Max Scherzer and the emergence of Rick Porcello. Jones has been in incredible pitching coach since he has arrived, and it should be a giant relief to all Tigers fans and Brad Ausmus that Jones has decided to stay. Not to mention his starting staff who have developed a pattern and routine with Jones that would have been disrupted with a new hire.

Change is good, but not when the thing you are changing is the absolute best in baseball; now the Tigers have a few experienced, well positioned coaches who are comfortable in the clubhouse and can help bridge any dissension between Ausmus and the team. The culture shock won’t be nearly as bad now with the familiar faces the Tigers have managed to keep around to complement Ausmus, and now the Tigers are free to focus on much bigger issues such as hitting and major contracts coming up. Keeping Jeff Jones is a huge move even if it seems like a footnote to many.

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