Rant Sports MLB Top 50 Players of 2014: No. 22 Cliff Lee

By David Miller
Cliff Lee
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

In Major League Baseball there are good pitchers and then there are the famous staff aces. For the Philadelphia Phillies there is no doubt who the ace has been. Cliff Lee is one of those starting pitchers that makes any team feel iffy even I their ace is opposing him. I don’t care if it’s the Los Angeles Dodgers and Clayton Kershaw on the mound; no one feels a guaranteed win when facing Lee on the other side. He is one of the best starters in the game year in and year out and 2013 was no different.

Anyone who could manage 14 wins for a team that only managed 73 has had a magnificent season. Considering the averages, if Lee had pitched for a team that won 100 games he would have been right at 20 wins for the year. The rest of his numbers don’t even take the team’s performance into consideration however. For example, his leading strikeout to walk ratio of 6.94 is quite impressive.

Lee put up an ERA of 2.87 over 222 innings pitched. Without a doubt, if Kershaw hadn’t of had such an incredible season of his own, Lee would have a huge chance at the Cy-Young. As it is including his 1.01 WHIP, he should be ranked as one of the top two or three or certainly in the top five. All he did in 2013 is to prove why he is the best. Look for him to do much of the same for at least the next few seasons as 2013 showed no signs of a Lee slow-down.

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