Should Philadelphia Phillies’ Cliff Lee be Cy Young Finalist?

By Rebekah Milsted
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

This week the finalists for the 2013 Cy Young award were announced, but missing from that list was Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Cliff Lee after he had a tremendous season. Does he deserve to be a finalist?

Lee was the Phillies ace this season when Cole Hamels was expected to be No. 1. Every fifth day he gave the team a chance to win by going out on the mound with determination. Even when his team was not scoring for him he still kept them in the game.

Lee finished with an ERA of 2.87 which was fifth in all of Phillies pitchers and the sixth lowest in the National League. His record was 14-8 as he had 222 strikeouts ranking first on the team and fifth in all of the Major Leagues. Lee’s numbers don’t lie. He is a tremendous pitcher and deserves to be compared to the other pitchers nominated like Adam Wainwright. Lee may be older than the nominees but he has the talent.

The Phillies may have had one of their worst seasons in their first losing seasons since 2002, but Lee seemed like he was only one of the only players who came to play each time it was his turn to pitch. He deserves credit. In my opinion he should be a finalist as he had a great season. The Phillies’ losing season shouldn’t go against Lee.

Lee tried to keep a team together that was falling apart, and he has a few more years left in him. This year is not his year to win the Cy Young, but maybe before his career is over he will win the award again as he won it when he was in the American League.

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