Rant Sports MLB Top 50 Players of 2014: No. 10 Justin Verlander

By David Miller
Justin Verlander
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

There is no newsflash in saying that Detroit Tigers resident ace starting pitcher Justin Verlander is one of the best players in Major League Baseball. He is quite simply the best pitcher in the game over the last decade and continued that streak in a 2013 season that saw him have to deal with some adversity in down numbers. For someone the level of Verlander however, down numbers are not what they seem. His 2013 season is no let down at all. He remains one of the top few pitchers and players in the game.

His win total is down but who cares. That is fun to look at but has almost nothing to do with how the pitcher performed. His ERA was a nicely low 3.46 with a 1.315 WHIP. That slightly higher WHIP actually means he allowed more base runners than usual without allowing too many more runs over the course of the season. The ERA continues his dominant streak which saw only one year since 2006 with an ERA over 3.66. 2013 was no downfall for Verlander but rather a confirmation.

Maybe he didn’t have his best stuff as often as he did in his last Cy-Young season but pitching through a season with little run support the way he did in 2013 shows how great of a pitcher he really is. If there were any doubts about his status as a MLB top ace, he vanquished them with a miniscule 0.39 ERA over three starts during the postseason. Number 10 on the Rant Sports MLB top 50 is a good spot for Verlander in 2013.

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