Should The Philadelphia Phillies Make An Offer To Their Defensive Player Of The Year?

By Rebekah Milsted
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It is baseball offseason and with that, begins award season; each team has their own individual awards given out. This week, it was announced that the Philadelphia Phillies‘ defensive player of the year was Carlos Ruiz. Ruiz is a free agent, and has yet to receive an offer from the Phillies. Should they risk losing one of their best defensive players?

Ruiz is well respected behind the plate, and the Phillies’ pitchers value on how Ruiz calls a game. Although the pitching staff had rough outings this season, Ruiz was still able to bring wins to the table, especially with Cliff Lee. Ruiz also can be trusted to block a ball behind a plate. Hardly anything can get past him, so why would the Phillies let him get away?

Ruiz has been with the club since 2006, and within the seven years that he has been with the Phillies, he has only made one mistake. That mistake happened this season when he was caught using a banned substance and served a suspension; he has not let this mistake effect his dedication to his coaches, teammates, pitchers and fans. Ruiz puts 110 percent behind the plate every game.

The Phillies’ front office has not made an offer to Ruiz to come back in Phillies pinstripes yet. Earlier in the week, Ruben Amaro Jr. had said they could be interested in other catching candidates. One of the bigger names available is Brian McCann, who is younger than Ruiz, but their batting averages are similar. He may be a more powerful hitter than Ruiz, but can he be as reliable?

Teams seem to be interested in Ruiz as well. The Phillies better take a closer look and see if they can afford to lose someone who can provide offense, but was voted the best defensive player on the team. Defense is key in baseball, especially behind the plate. Ruiz is the guy for the position.

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