Wil Myers Named AL's Best Rookie; Kansas City Royals Kick Themselves

By Devin O'Barr

Wil Myers is arguably the best young hitter in the game of baseball right now, and the Kansas City Royals could have him in their line-up for the next five years. Instead, the 2012 offseason happened and Kansas City thought it’d be a good idea to trade Myers to the Tampa Bay Rays in exchange for Elliot Johnson, Wade Davis and James Shields. Many MLB pundits called the trade a decent move for the Royals because of Shields’ ability to pitch well in big games, but it’s obvious that Tampa Bay won this trade.

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Thankfully, this is a trade that keeps on giving for the Rays as the Baseball Writers awarded Myers the American League’s Rookie of the Year. Myers beat out exceptional candidates like Jose Iglesias and Chris Archer. Meanwhile, the Royals are preparing to spend even more money this offseason to rectify a starting rotation that is losing Ervin Santana to free agency. Therefore, bringing Shields to town wasn’t a franchise-saving move in the least as the 86-win Royals are still pretenders rather than contenders.

However, trading Myers is a move that many bitter Royals fans will be complaining about for decades, while the AL Rookie of the Year can do nothing but smile and enjoy his new hardware

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