New York Mets Rumors: Team Should Move Fast on Jhonny Peralta

By Bryan Zarpentine
Jhonny Peralta
Tim Fuller – USATODAY Sports

The MLB offseason has yet to really get going, but for a team that has a lot to get done, it might be wise for the New York Mets to get started on making moves as soon as possible. One of the moves the Mets are rumored to be considering early this offseason is signing shortstop Jhonny Peralta, which would be a great signing for the Mets, especially if they get it done quickly.

First and foremost, Peralta fits one of the Mets’ needs this offseason. The Mets are understandably nervous about moving into 2014 with Ruben Tejada as their starting shortstop, and Peralta would allow them to fill that need while either finding another role for Tejada or trading him to another team.

Peralta would also give the Mets some more power in their lineup, which is something they have been lacking in recent years. Even if Peralta is a defensive downgrade from Tejada, it’s something the Mets could live with if Peralta hits the way he’s capable of hitting.

In addition to filling a need, signing Peralta early in the offseason would send the right message to the fan base that the Mets are serious about being competitive and will be expecting to contend in 2014, despite the absence of ace Matt Harvey. Peralta would be a significant signing, and would set the precedent for the rest of the offseason that the Mets are making moves in order to win now, as opposed to the past few offseasons when it was clear they were setting up for future years.

Making a move to sign Peralta early in the offseason would be a change from the patient approach Sandy Alderson has taken in the past, but if this offseason is truly going to be different for the Mets, they have to make a move early. Signing Peralta quickly could be that move, which is why the Mets should move fast to make it happen.

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