Detroit Tigers' Max Scherzer Rightfully Wins AL Cy Young Award

By Brent Smith
Greg M. Cooper- USA TODAY Sports

It was a decision everyone expected but had to be finalized: Max Scherzer is the 2013 AL Cy Young. There was no pitcher more dominant or consistent this season than Scherzer, who only suffered three losses the entire season while racking up the wins and staying completely healthy over the course of the season.

While some wanted to mix names like Yu Darvish or Clay Buchholz into the discussion, there was never a real question who was the most deserving of the prestigious award.

Perhaps the biggest part of the award is that the Detroit Tigers have now had the last two AL Cy Young winners. To have two different Cy Young winners now patrolling the rotation just further shows the distance between the Tigers’ rotation and the rest of baseball’s. It also increases the potential trade value of Scherzer when his contract comes up after next season.

For a day, however, Schezer was able to soak in the attention without any talk of future contracts or future teams he might pitch for.

It was an under-the-radar type season for Scherzer, who didn’t get the accolades that he really deserved outside of Detroit for most of the season. But after his postseason performance and now winning of the AL Cy Young, Scherzer has finally emerged as a star in baseball. Don’t be surprised if Scherzer finds his way back into contention for next year’s Cy Young race either.

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