5 Reasons Why Chicago Cubs Should Trade Jeff Samardzija

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Five Reasons Why Cubs Should Trade Jeff Samardzija

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The Chicago Cubs have been hearing a lot of rumors about a possible trade regarding Jeff Samardzija.

The former reliever has been one of the most consistent pitchers in the Cubs' organization in the first years of the rebuilding process and he was even considered a core piece of the team going forward, but after two years it’s not clear whether he’d be part of the franchise once they’re ready to contend on a steady basis.

His unwillingness to sign a new deal accepting the terms of the front office, the lack of consistency in his performances and even the rants he’s had about the departure of some of the other starters (like last season where he publicly criticized the trades of Scott Feldman and Matt Garza) could all be indications that his future might be somewhere else as even when he’s a valued member of the team and he’s a fierce competitor, he might not be on the same page with the rest of the guys running the team.

There are still two years left before Samardzija hits the open market, but the Cubs should take the chance to trade him now while his value is on the high. They need to bring something back for him and he could land a decent pack of youngsters in return if a deal is agreed with the right franchise.

Without further ado, please join me through this slideshow as we check the five main reasons why the Cubs should look to trade Jeff Samardzija this offseason.

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5. Value is at an All-Time High

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Teams like the Washington Nationals, Toronto Blue Jays and Arizona Diamondbacks are some of the franchises rumored to be interested in Samardzija and with his value at an all-time high, the Cubs should look for a trade before it’s too late.

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4. Discrepancies in His Role

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Samardzija wants to be paid like an ace, but he hasn’t been able to pitch like one. He wants to be the No. 1 starter of the team, but his numbers suggest he’s been a solid No. 2 or good No. 3. If the two parties can’t get his value straight, it might be better to offload him as he could become a distraction in the clubhouse.

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3. Impressive Prospect Return

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Samardzija has a relatively young arm for a 29-year-old starter and even when he doesn’t have a lot of experience, he also has a low mileage that could be beneficial for the future. His proven track record in the NL and the fact that his pure skills are considered as top of the rotation stuff should allow the Cubs to receive an impressive haul of prospects in return.

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2. Subpar Performances


Samardzija has a solid skill set, but he hasn’t been able to display it consistently. He’s been a good pitcher, but the organization has been expecting more out of him in the last two season, so if he continues to be a player unable to fulfill his potential, the Cubs should look to offload him to get some younger players in return.

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1. Unwillingness To Sign A New Deal

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The main reason why Samardzija should be traded is that he doesn’t want to sign a new deal … Or at least it appears that way. He looks unwilling to accept the offer given by the front office, and if they can’t lock him up, the solution would be to trade him as they can’t let him walk away for nothing.

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