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Boston Red Sox Rumors: 5 Free Agents Boston Should Consider Looking At

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Here Are Five Free Agents Boston May Want To Look At

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The Boston Red Sox have been the World Champions for about two weeks or so as this article is being written. However, thoughts have already turned to what this team is going to look like for 2014. This was a group that everyone in Red Sox Nation fell in love with, so it is somewhat sad to think that not everyone from this year's edition will be coming back. However, you can't keep a team the same. Just because everything worked one year, doesn't necessarily mean that it could work the next year. The Philadelphia Phillies are a really good example of that philosophy. They went to the World Series in 1993. They kept the team just about the same the next year and they were terrible. Boston is just thinking ahead.

We do know that there are four players who are free agents. Jacoby Ellsbury, Mike Napoli, Jarrod Saltalamacchia and Stephen Drew are all on the open market and could attract a lot of attention for their performances this year. There is very little chance that all four of these guys are coming back. As a matter of fact, it wouldn't be surprising to see maybe just one of them return. Remember after the "Idiots" won in 2004, there was a group of free agents and the only one Boston brought back was Jason Varitek. We all have to remember that baseball is a business and that is what the Red Sox are doing, improving their business. That being said, here are five free agents that the Red Sox should consider looking at that could be potential fits for the team. It is the first edition of Friday Night Five, Hot Stove League style and it's coming your way right now.

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Number 5 Is James Loney

Loney batting
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James Loney is a familiar face for Boston fans. He played for the Red Sox for a very brief time in 2012 after he came over in the huge Los Angeles Dodgers trade. He didn't play well with Boston, but that could just be chalked up to an off-year for him. He played much better this year with the Tampa Bay Rays. He batted .299 with 75 runs batted in. He also is a very good defensive first baseman. Another advantage to signing him is you know that he can play in Boston and he is familiar with the surroundings, even if he was only here for a few months.

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Number 4 Would Be Kendrys Morales

Morales in dugout
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Kendrys Morales is a switch-hitter with a power bat. He could be good protection for David Ortiz if Napoli leaves. He can play a little bit of first base and could be a designated hitter if Ortiz needed a breather once in a while. Morales could have a stroke that would fit right in at Fenway.

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At Number 3, Rajai Davis

Davis batting
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Rajai Davis always seems to give Boston fits every time he plays against them. Before you think that this would be Carl Crawford all over again, here is a difference. Davis is from the New England area. He grew up in Connecticut, so even though he has never played for the Red Sox, he would have some idea of what to expect regarding the demands of playing in Boston. His speed and defense could definitely make up for the loss of Ellsbury, if he leaves. Having three players at the top of the lineup who could run was one of the big reasons Boston managed to be the last team standing.

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Number 2 is one of the greatest postseason hitters ever, Carlos Beltran

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This is an interesting free agent scenario especially because we just saw Carlos Beltran. Boston has some interest in him, but it could matter where he played. Beltran is incredible offensively and actually it can be argued that he may be a Hall of Fame player. However, his defense is a bit suspect. He could be put in left field and have Daniel Nava play first base. This would be in the event if Napoli signed somewhere else. Let's just hope that if Beltran did sign here, it wouldn't be Edgar Renteria all over again.

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Number 1, the man with the best beard in baseball, Brian Wilson

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I am actually somewhat surprised that Brian Wilson is not a member of the Red Sox or has ever played for them before. He sure looks the part with the huge, bushy beard. He is also another local player, coming from Massachusetts and New Hampshire. He missed some time with elbow surgery, but when he came back, he was lights out finishing with a 0.66 earned run average. Yes, you are reading that right. He has the loose personality that could really do well here and he could be a power arm that can give Koji Uehara a break, because he may need it for the long season.

So, there you have it. Five Free Agents Boston should consider looking at. It will be fun to see what actually will happen.