Detroit Tigers Should Sign Brian Wilson

By Brent Smith
Jeff Curry- USA TODAY Sports

Beneath the beard and the constant need for attention lies a very quality bullpen arm in Brian Wilson. Luckily for Wilson the Detroit Tigers right now are desperately looking for a quality bullpen arm, and the two could be a perfect marriage this offseason. Wilson, who has come off two Tommy John surgeries in his career, has served extremely well in the bullpen for the San Francisco Giants and Los Angeles Dodgers, and his price is low enough that the Tigers could take a chance without locking up too much money for them to explore more options for the bullpen. Plus beards seem to mean winning these days.

I know a lot of Tigers fans are going to think it is crazy or that Wilson is another guy that you can’t trust in your bullpen, but statistically he has been one of the more solid, consistent bullpen pitchers even if his attitude wouldn’t lead you to any conclusion of stability. The Tigers need a lot of help in their bullpen, but the chance to take a low risk, high reward option is exactly what the Tigers need to be considering. You can still throw the money at Joe Nathan if you want the big name closer, but Brian Wilson can be that 8th inning lockdown guy that the Tigers haven’t had for quite awhile.

Arguably this move should have been done last season and who knows if it had been where the Tigers would be right now, but put the past in the past and make things right this offseason. It is time for the Tigers to swallow their pride and go for the bearded Brian Wilson as quickly as possible.

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