Max Scherzer Open To Extension, But Detroit Tigers Are Maxed Out

By Brent Smith
Kyle Terada- USA TODAY Sports

When Max Scherzer through his agent Scott Boras said that he was open to a contract extension with the Detroit Tigers I am sure a lot of Tigers fans felt great. One of the best pitchers in the game loves Detroit enough to forgo hitting the open market and getting massive amounts of money. It is extremely rare that a client of Scott Boras would be willing to talk contract extension with Boras known as a guy who always makes his players hit free agency and collect as much money as possible. All of this is great right? Well it may not matter.

It is great Scherzer has a passion for the Tigers organization in the same way Justin Verlander did, but the problem is the Tigers don’t have the money available like they did with Verlander. Think of it as you can’t always get what you want; the Tigers have been spending, spending, spending and now they have seemed to hit a wall of realistic spending. Not that the credit card is maxed (pardon the pun), but the Tigers already have the most $20 million a year players. And with Miguel Cabrera hitting free agency in two years it becomes a situation of choosing between the AL Cy Young or the AL MVP. All signs point to them choosing the AL MVP.

Barring a complete shock, Max Scherzer is going to be traded or let go between now and the end of next season. Never say never with Mike Ilitch, but the funds just aren’t there to allow it to happen. Even if they were and even with Max Scherzer’s love of Detroit there is considerable doubt that Scherzer is a $20 million a year pitcher having very average numbers before his explosion this season. All of it adds up to a breakup that has to happen even though neither side wants it to. Sometimes it is okay to split ways, and the Tigers are going to finally learn that lesson within the next season.

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