New York Yankees Fans Should Be Excited For Derek Jeter's Return

By Michael Portman
Derek Jeter
Nick Turchiaro- USA TODAY Sports

This past Thursday, Derek Jeter exclaimed he has been strengthening his body and he is “100 percent” positive he will return next season, claiming that the New York Yankees shortstop job is still his. That’s great news for the organization who will need to make an impact this offseason in the free agent market.

Jeter has been injured for most of 2013, only playing 17 games total. He returned for a stint of games before re-injuring his ankle, and repeated that unfortunate sequence of events before deciding to sit out the rest of the season just to preserve and strengthen his body.

At the age of 39, it is understandable that his body is slowing down and is more fragile. That happens to every ballplayer at that age. That is one of the concerns that Yankees GM Brian Cashman is worried about.

Jeter was in need of a new contract for the next season, and had to sit down with owner Hal Steinbrenner to discuss the options. Steinbrenner expressed his concerns to Jeter, and the captain knew what to expect and fully agreed with his boss. He agreed to a one-year, $12 million contract earlier this month, taking a cut from the previous $17 million he made last season.

Although there was much concern in their conversation, Jeter told reporters that he thought the process went well and there should be no worries.

If Jeter can proclaim his confidence in his body, then the Yankees organization should be confident too. All of the Yankees fans should be very excited for next season as the captain will return to playing and make a huge impact in what could possibly be his final season. He’s going to be 40-years-old next year, and who knows how much longer he has. Like he said — there should be no worries at all.

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