Philadelphia Phillies Need To Give Ben Revere a Chance

By Rebekah Milsted
Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The offseason rumors are continuing to heat up. It seems that the Philadelphia Phillies are continuing their search to make their outfield stronger. That means changes will have to be made to their current outfield. Ben Revere did not get a chance to play a full season for the team. He could be in jeopardy. I believe he should get the chance to play a full season in a Phillies uniform.

Revere was brought to the team this past season. He was traded from the Minnesota Twins. His season with the Phillies was cut short due to a broken ankle. Revere was just starting to get his game together when he went down. Why would the Phillies want to give up on him?

Revere is only 25-years old. This is exactly what the Phillies need in center field — a young, athletic player. The Phillies already signed Marlon Byrd, who is getting up there in age. They need to stay focused on young talent. They could be looking at other young outfielders, but why not just make it easy and keep Revere?

Revere played half of the season and had a batting average of .305. He may have only had 17 RBIs, but he did find a way to get on base with a hit or by walking. Revere may not be a power hitter as he has yet to have a home run, but he is a great option to have as a leadoff hitter. His on-base percentage was .338. With the lack of baserunners and runs scored this season, the Phillies need a player who can give them a chance to score.

Revere might not be going anywhere. He could be perfectly safe. If he is being considered to be moved, the Phillies should think again. They should give Revere a chance to show what results he can have for a full season because it could be good.

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