Philadelphia Phillies: Was Carlos Ruiz Signing A Good Decision?

By Rebekah Milsted
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Fans of the Philadelphia Phillies have been waiting patiently since the offseason for the front office to see if they were going to offer catcher Carlos Ruiz a new contract. Ruiz became a free agent at the end of the season. It seemed that he was going to move on to another team as he had begun to get other offers. It was finally announced today that Ruiz will sign a three-year contract worth $26 million. The fans seem split about the decision. I believe it is smart.

The fans are split because Ruiz, like most of the starting lineup, is getting up there in age. At the end of his new contract, Ruiz will be 37. Will he still be able to block a wild pitch or throw out a base stealer? I think he will be stronger than everyone thinks.

I believe was brought back for the relationship he has with the pitchers. He is someone that they can trust. He knows what type of games to call. The relationship between the pitcher and the catcher is very important. Why start that over? Ruiz is also very defensively sound behind the plate. He hardly ever lets a ball get past him. He also has a good throw to second. Ruiz’s defense is another key part to his game that the Phillies need.

Ruiz has a big heart. He wants to do anything to help his team win. His offense may not be the best, but he is clutch in certain situations. He had 37 RBIs this season and an average of .268. His average is good as he had missed time due to suspension and injury.

Ruiz is a good player to have in the lineup. He is determined and will go out there every day willing to do whatever it takes. He is a good player to have behind the plate as the Phillies’ catching prospects grow. They can learn from Ruiz. He is now locked in. Hopefully it turns out to be good decision.

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