How Will Continued Loss Of Utility Bench Players Affect Los Angeles Dodgers?

By Michael Pidgeon
Nick Punto
Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Punto and Skip Schumaker were two of the most used members of the Los Angeles Dodgers‘ bench. Now, when 2014 starts, the Dodgers will be without both of those two players. Will the losses of Punto and Skip affect the Dodgers’ depth next season?

Punto, who has the ability to play second, third and short, has decided to sign with the Oakland Athletics. Schumaker can play second as well, but can also play the outfield and has signed with the Cincinnati Reds. These two guys may not have been the most important to L.A.’s success this season, but they sure were a part of it.

Punto filled in when Hanley Ramirez was on the shelf during 2013 and Schumaker was used in the outfield a lot when the Dodgers’ outfield depth took hits because of injuries. Replacing Schumaker’s outfield production will not be hard to do because L.A.’s outfield is so talented, but replacing both men on the infield may be harder than the Dodgers think.

Alexander Guerrero is currently the only second basemen on the team. The starting third basemen is … well, there is actually no starting third basemen right now. So not only are the starters unproven or nonexistent at this point, but infield depth isn’t there at all either.

Everyone talks about how the Dodgers have the money to make a splash in free agency. Well, if this is indeed true, L.A. better start spending and get some depth on their squad. If they don’t, then 2014 is going to end the same way 2013 did — with no World Series ring.

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