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Ranking the Baltimore Orioles’ 5 Biggest Offseason Needs

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Ranking the Baltimore Orioles’ 5 Biggest Offseason Needs

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The Baltimore Orioles find themselves in a familiar situation this offseason. They were successful to a point last season but they want to be more successful next season. Now they need to know what to do and how to do it in order to achieve that goal. This will look at five of the main needs this team will have going into the 2014 season. Nothing will produce a guarantee in the ultra-tough AL East, but these areas being fixed would help.

We do know of a few areas that do not need help on this team. They do not need a center fielder because Adam Jones is one of the best players in the game. Their dynamic and exciting third baseman will be back soon after the start of the year; Manny Machado has a lock on that spot. I think we all know first base is solid for now though Chris Davis having the worst agent in MLB in Scott Boras doesn’t bode well for the future.

J.J. Hardy has been the subject of some trade rumors but the gold glove shortstop isn’t going anywhere. He is a solid defender and isn’t in danger of being pushed out by a prospect for the next year or so. One area where they are on the fence is at catcher. Matt Wieters one of those agents who doesn’t seem to care about getting his man re-signed or extended but rather wants to push him to the free agent market to make himself a big payday.

Yes, its Boras again. Luckily they still have a couple of years of control with Wieters so they don’t have to rush. These next five areas are the ones that the GM is probably on the phone every single day trying to find the best way to fix however. Feel free to leave a comment below if you agree or disagree with the choices.

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5 – Left Field

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If the O’s are not able to re-sign Nate McLouth then they will definitely need to pursue another avenue for their everyday left fielder. McLouth might not be a hall-of-famer but he is an extremely valuable outfielder. They can do without him but will need to be active in filling the spot if they aren’t able to bring him back.

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4 – Bullpen

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Nothing too specific here as the entire bullpen is an area of need. They thankfully look to have a decent closer locked in for at least another season but they have got to do a better job getting from the starter to the ninth inning with a lead. Their offense is probably going to be good again but just like last season it won’t be good enough without a decent bullpen.

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3 – Second Base

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There are big names and realistic names available at second base this offseason. The better options would come via the trade route. For example Howie Kendrick and Brandon Phillips might both be available as well as Dan Uggla. There should be plenty to pick from so that they can make sure to improve their team at second base.

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2 – Designated Hitter

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Like it or not there needs to be a solid and productive hitter in the DH slot for an American League team. Does the name David Ortiz ring a bell? No, he isn’t available for the O’s but he is proof of how vital this position is. There could be a few good DH caliber players available on the free agent market including productive veteran Raul Ibanez.

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1 – Starting Pitchers

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Looking at the depth chart currently shows only four starters for the O’s and that isn’t the only issue. The Orioles don’t just need one starter to fill out the line-up, they need some help to strengthen their staff. They want to re-sign Scott Feldman but losing him wouldn’t be terrible if they were able to land someone like Ricky Nolasco, Tim Hudson or Jason Vargas. As good as the offense is, they don’t need David Price and Max Scherzer to succeed but they do need a couple or a few of these other guys.