Alex Rodriguez Has Nobody to Blame But Himself for His Current Situation

By Christopher Gamble
The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports


Alex Rodriguez is back in the news, this time for storming out of his arbitration hearing, calling it a “farce.” Hours later he appeared in studio with WFAN host Mike Francesca and did a 40-minute interview where he hammered away at Bud Selig, Major League Baseball, Anthony Bosch and the New York Yankees. He claims this is all a big set-up, that he is being framed essentially. There is only one problem with Rodriguez’s defense, he put himself in this position.

During his interview with Francesca, Rodriguez said MLB Commissioner Bud Selig hates him and that this is personal. There is only one problem with Rodriguez’s belief and that it is completely unfounded. Selig issued the unprecedented ban by actually following the guidelines of the Collective Bargaining Agreement and suspended A-Rod for his associations with a known PED dealer in Anthony Bosch. Given Rodriguez’s earlier admission that he used PEDs and couple that with his lying about it and his involvement with Bosch and Biogenesis and you arrive at Selig’s 211-game suspension.

Rodriguez is trying to look like he is being framed. After all, if he were guilty would he really slam his fist on the table in the courtroom, storm out and then go on the attack? If he were innocent wouldn’t he really be confident in the evidence on his side? He has stated over and over again that MLB’s case against him is baseless and without evidence. What could Bud Selig taking the stand, something A-Rod apparently desperately wanted, bring to the case?

You see, Rodriguez is a man with nothing to lose. He is trying to discredit his accusers and pull sympathy onto his side. It is a tactic that almost never works. Usually an innocent man waits to explode after being found guilty and not during the hearing itself. If A-Rod’s lawyers were worth their salt they would be able to cut through the evidence and present a clear case to the arbiter, Frederic Horowitz. Instead, we get angry A-Rod and accusations.

The biggest problem with all of this is he is trying to draw sympathy to his side but he is actually the one who brought all of this on himself. He knowingly took steroids, whether it was in 2003 or later or before. He knowingly tried to hide the truth. Then, there came the tearful apology and the tarnished legacy.

It doesn’t help A-Rod’s case that all 13 players who were connected to PEDs through Bosch accepted their suspension. Are we really to believe that Bosch set A-Rod up? What about the other 13 players? They all went away and came back without a fight. None, except Ryan Braun, had previous connections to PEDs. If Rodriguez were free of guilt and MLB had no evidence why isn’t the Player’s Association stepping in on his behalf?

Instead of the truth we are getting finger pointing. Rodriguez and his group are pointing fingers everywhere except where the blame really lies, at A-Rod himself. It’s Bud Selig’s fault. It’s the New York Yankees’ fault. It’s Anthony Bosch’s fault. This is a set-up, a sham, a farce. It’s the fault of the doctors who conspired with the Yankees to keep him off the field.

Rodriguez and his team are deflecting and hoping something sticks. If one thing sticks then perhaps all of the other darts they threw might not be too far off the bull’s-eye. By implanting the seed of doubt in MLB’s case against him it could lead to that doubt growing into all other areas of the case. So far, no dart has hit its mark and we are left with a cloud.

Bud Selig and MLB might not have an ironclad case. However, they certainly don’t have a poor case either and A-Rod is looking like a child throwing a tantrum after finding out he just got grounded for a week longer than his siblings. Rodriguez has no one to blame but himself. Rodriguez just needs to remember that if he had never used steroids in the first place there would be no case. Moreover, if he didn’t deny and try to cover his previous PED use up a few years ago maybe he would be more believable now.

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