What Does Potential Prince Fielder-Ian Kinsler Deal Mean For Texas Rangers, Detroit Tigers?

By Zach Morrison

According to Jon Heyman of CBS Sports, the Detroit Tigers and Texas Rangers have agreed to a huge deal that will send Prince Fielder to the Rangers in exchange for Ian Kinsler. Heyman also adds that another player may be involved in the deal as well, but nothing has been confirmed on that front.

Wow. The Rangers needed a left-handed power hitter, they needed an upgrade at first base and they needed to clear a spot in the lineup for top prospect Jurickson Profar. This trade does all of the the above for Texas. The Tigers had a hole at second base when Omar Infante became a free agent, and they obviously feel that Kinsler is an upgrade over Infante, or they would have just re-signed him.

Trading Fielder also allows them to put MVP Miguel Cabrera back at first base, rather than letting him hurt the team defensively at third base.

There were, and maybe are still some obstacles to make this trade work. First, there is a ton of money changing teams in this blockbuster. Fielder signed a nine-year, $214 million deal a few offseasons ago; there is no way the Rangers can eat all of that salary, and the Tigers will surely be picking up some of the money.

Secondly, Fielder has a limited no-trade clause. The no-trade clause does include the Rangers, but according to Heyman, Fielder is believed to be willing to accept the deal.

For the Tigers, this frees up some extra money to possibly sign stud pitcher Max Scherzer to a long-term deal rather than trading him at some point in the offseason. There will surely be more information coming out later on this trade, so stay tuned to Rant Sports for all of the latest analysis.

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