New York Mets Rumors: Ryan Braun Trade a Possibility?

By Andrew Fisher
Ryan Braun
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

One thing is for sure, Ryan Braun‘s return to the Milwaukee Brewers is going to be an awkward one. After being caught in a lie and subsequently being suspended for more than a third of the games this past season, the outfielder will be free to return in 2014. He’s already released a couple of apology statements and reportedly even reached out season ticket holders to say that he’s sorry. But we all know that his return to Milwaukee is still going to be weird. You just can’t vehemently deny taking PEDs, then get caught lying and expect everything to go smoothly upon your return.

But what if Braun never returned to Milwaukee? That’s the basis of the latest MLB Rumors, which have the New York Mets trading for the cheating outfielder.

At this moment in time, the speculation has all been brought about by a piece on That’s it. However, trading Braun is not really that crazy of a concept. He’s a guy that’s set to make a ton of money over the next seven years (approximately$129 million) for a near last place team. The Brewers have some serious rebuilding to do, and what better way to go about it than to trade away a guy who’s taking up a ton of your money for draft picks and prospects?

Ike Davis figures to be the main player the Brewers would receive in return for Bruan, but obviously they would receive a lot more for the former MVP.

We’ll have to see if these rumors gain any legs over the next couple of weeks, but Braun to the Mets is not the craziest of concepts. It could be a win-win for both teams.


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