Signing Corey Hart Would Be Great for Milwaukee Brewers’ Image

By Michael Terrill
Signing Corey Hart Would Be Great for Milwaukee Brewers’ Image
Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

The Milwaukee Brewers don’t necessarily have an image problem. On the other hand, two faces of the franchise got in trouble last season, which put the organization in a tough spot. For that reason, it would be in Milwaukee’s best interest not only to sign first baseman Corey Hart because they need an efficient bat in the offense, but also because he would be great for the Brewers’ image.

Slugger Ryan Braun and ace Yovani Gallardo found themselves in hot water with the ball club in 2013. Braun and his performance-enhancing drugs ordeal led to a 65-game suspension. He burned bridges, damaged close relationships and left the organization out to dry. Obviously, Braun is sorry for what he did but to think that his image will be completely repaired by Opening Day is ridiculous. Meanwhile, Gallardo was arrested for driving under the influence earlier in the year.

The reason why Milwaukee must do whatever it takes to re-sign Hart is because they can’t afford to lose him. He’s an incredibly talented player at a position that is by far the biggest need on the team. Not to mention, he truly enjoys the city of Milwaukee and is willing to take a discount to stay with the Brewers.

“Winning will be great, but I’m more of a family man than anything,” Hart said, according to “So it won’t necessarily be the best fit for me; it will be the best fit for my family. … We’ll come together and figure out what the best fit is for us, and that’s where we’ll go.”

The Brewers could use some family men around the clubhouse who are willing to put the ones they hold close ahead of their own personal well-being. Hart knows how much his family loves their life in Milwaukee and he has not intentions of changing that. On the other hand, the Brewers must come forth and make Hart a decent offer, especially with at least three other teams interested in his service.

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