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5 Reasons Why the Cincinnati Reds Should Trade One of Their Stars

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5 Reasons Why the Cincinnati Reds Should Trade One of Their Stars

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There isn’t quite enough buzz about the way Brandon Phillips has played second base for the past few seasons. We always hear about Robinson Cano and for good reason but Phillips is right there on his heels in most categories. For sure he is in the top two or three second basemen for the past few seasons. You can’t exactly pencil in 90 to 100 RBI at second on most Major League Baseball rosters. So why on Earth would the Cincinnati Reds want to trade him? Actually I agree that they should and I will tell you why.

For Phillips a change of scenery would be great. He might as well get on camera and say he wants out of Cincinnati. As a matter of fact he has basically done that on a few occasions over the past year. He is unhappy and for some athletes that really matters. It is irrelevant if all of us believe he has good reason to be upset with the Reds. What matters is that he is upset with them and things are bound to only get worse the more they fester.

Seriously the way he acted after the Wild Card play-in game loss to the Pittsburgh Pirates should be his swansong as a Reds second bagger. I think Phillips is a good person and a great baseball player but he is one of those guys that seem not do all those well with feeling wronged. I can understand that for sure. Instead of letting a bad situation get worse, the Reds should trade Phillips this offseason and we are about to look at why I believe that.

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5 – Clubhouse Atmosphere

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The guys in the Reds clubhouse this season are going to have to stick close together with the new manager and all of the other changes going on. They do not need Phillips to be there causing any kind of trouble, intentional or unintentional. Either way he would be best sent elsewhere.

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4 – Strong Trade Return

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Phillips is in the prime of his career still and isn’t going to be traded for no one in return. If the Reds pulled the trigger on any deal sending him to another team, the return package would definitely be substantially worth the risk of the trade when he is troubled for being there anyway.

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3 – Free up Payroll

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Though his skills aren’t far behind Cano, Phillips’ salary most certainly is quite a ways down there from what Cano is expected to receive. Still it is on its way up to $14M it would definitely free space for the Reds to spend on their starting rotation or another need if they wanted.

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2 – Time of Change

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The Reds are changing before our eyes. The Dusty Baker era is over and now they are trying to rebuild themselves in a few areas. Shin-Soo Choo is expected to leave and the offense will end up being different next season. Since they are changing so much anyway, why not send Phillips away where he can be happy somewhere else and just make that part of their minor face-lift?

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1 – Phillips Doesn’t Want to Stay

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For some guys this wouldn’t matter but it clearly does to Phillips. He has averaged close to a .300 or over it for a while now but the average was down this past season. He still provided some power and drove in runs but if he continues to be unhappy playing with the Reds, his stats and production are very likely to go downward. If that were to happen the Reds would wish they had traded him while his value was high. They should do so.