Alex Rodriguez Action Figures Reduced to Sale Price of $1

By Andrew Fisher
Alex Rodriguez
John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Just when you thought you’d heard it all in the Alex Rodriguez-PED scandal, Wednesday November 20th happened. It was the day when A-Roid stormed out of his appeal hearing because he couldn’t stand to participate in the ‘farce’ any longer. He then proceeded to go on New York radio and proclaim his innocence, while taking shots at the ‘guy from Milwaukee’ (Bud Selig). The MLB Commissioner has angered Rodriguez, because he won’t be testifying at his hearing.

On the surface, it does sound kind of fishy that Selig won’t be testifying. However, the Commish has never testified at such a hearing before. So why would he start now?

Currently, it looks like A-Fraud has no chance of winning his appeal of the 211-game suspension that was handed down to him last season. The third baseman’s stock is clearly plummeting and as a result, they can’t even give his action figures away to kids. Check out this Black Friday special on A-Roid action figures from Toys ‘R’ Us:

Alex Rodriguez

I find this to be absolutely hilarious. From nearly $16, down all the way to $1. However, I’m going to guess that the figurines still won’t be jumping off the shelves. What kid or Yankees’ nerd would even want one? Unless you’re playing a joke on someone, an A-Roid figurine is completely worthless. As far as his efforts to reduction or eliminate is suspension, they may ultimately prove to be worthless too.


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