Peter Gammons Uses Poor Analogy, Compares Alex Rodriguez to Marathon Bombers

By Andrew Fisher
Peter Gammons
Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

In the world of baseball journalism there are few people more well respected than Peter Gammons. The long-time writer/analyst has seen a lot in his time, but none of us have ever seen anything quite like the Alex Rodriguez-PED scandal that’s currently at the top of all MLB headlines. Rodriguez added fuel to the media fire that’s burning around his appeal hearing on Wednesday, when he stormed out of the proceedings. A-Roid claims that he’s the target of a witch hunt and that Bud Selig personally has it out for him.

Naturally, Gammons would be a good guy to talk to on this issue. After all, he’s seen and done it all during his many years following the sport. But check out what the legendary journalist had to say while he was an a recent episode of Mike Lupica’s New York radio show:

“I’ve had people with the Yankees say this to me. He wants to blow up the world. He’s like the marathon bombers.”

While Gammons may have been reiterating what some people have said to him, he should have omitted the part about the marathon bombers. If he would have just left it at ‘blow up the world,’ this wouldn’t even be a story. A-Roid is a scumbag, but he’s certainly nowhere near the level of the marathon bombers.

But even though Gammons slipped up, I’m willing to give him a pass. You shouldn’t compare athletes to terrorists, but I’m sure that he meant no disrespect to the victims.


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