Philadelphia Phillies Need To Add Starting Pitching

By Rebekah Milsted
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The baseball season has only been over for three weeks. However, there have been teams that have added strong players to their lineups. The Philadelphia Phillies have made a few moves, but nothing to their starting pitching. Right now they only have two strong pitchers in the rotation with Cole Hamels and Cliff Lee. One more reliable arm would be key.

The Phillies do have Kyle Kendrick in their rotation, however, you never know which Kendrick will show up. He can be very reliable or self-destructive. This season he had a record of 10-13 with an ERA of 4.70. These numbers are not ideal for a starter. If the Phillies want to be a playoff team, they need pitchers who can produce winning records. They also have to have a starting pitcher who can have an ERA lower than four.

Jonathan Pettibone will also be part of the Phillies’ rotation. This will be his sophomore season. Pettibone came into the Phillies’ rotation last season due to the injuries that occurred. He may have gotten his rookie nerves out of him, but they easily could return as he only pitched in 18 games. Any young pitcher needs time to learn and develop. Pettibone is still in that process.

Roy Halladay is still questionable to come back. He is a free agent testing the market. He underwent shoulder surgery this season and came back maybe a little too early. He is not the Halladay the Phillies once knew and is not useful to the rotation anymore. The Phillies should pass on bringing him back.

With the team having two strong arms in the rotation, a move has to be made. The front office should pick up a young but experienced arm. They need to make sure they do not bring in an old arm, as that seems to be the trend this season.

The Phillies’ rotation used to be dangerous. They need to focus and try to get back to that. It will be interesting to see if they can pull it off or at least come close to that in 2014.

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