5 Reasons for Houston Astros Fans to Be Thankful Heading into 2014

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5 Reasons for Houston Astros Fans to Be Thankful Heading into 2014

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Forget how many seasons the Houston Astros have lost 100 games over the last while. It really doesn’t matter heading forward into the 2014 Major League Baseball season. All that matters at that point is the future and the future of this Astros franchise is much brighter than some think. Even when it isn’t all that easy to be a fan, there are many reasons to be thankful.

Any fan wanting to look for reasons to be thankful and hopeful can just glance at the minor league system of the Astros. As many experts as there are that pick the Astros not to win the 2014 World Series, about that same number agree that they have one of the top two or three minor league systems in the game.

A number one prospect for one system could get traded into the Astros system and instantly drop as many as ten positions on that scale. They are deep and strong and being fed in the right way to grow strong. No, I don’t mean the actual prospects but rather the farm system itself. I’ll tell you right now that this franchise is something for any fan to be thankful for even if they do lose 80 or 100 games once again. Here are five more big reasons to be thankful.

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5 – Jeff Luhnow is Still GM

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Luhnow still has his fingerprints all over the St. Louis Cardinals organization and that same type of progress can be expected for the Astros. Obviously there are other people involved and he didn’t build the Cards by himself but suffice it to say Luhnow knows what he is doing and knows how to build a franchise that will win.

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4 – Jason Castro

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When it comes to the situation behind the plate for the Astros, Jason Castro is good and getting better. Most figure he would be the next young player that the team gives a longer contract to. What a choice he would be. He has the potential to be at least as good offensively as Buster Posey and he is solid to plus defensively as well. Nothing but thankfulness should be felt towards the Astros having this guy behind the dish.

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3 – Jose Altuve

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Altuve is one of those players that helps a team win. Clearly it takes more than just one player but the Astros chose the right player to make the first one they signed to a long-term contract. He is a good contact hitter who knows how to play the game the right way. That is what the Astros want to build into their franchise and that might as well make Altuve the franchise player.

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2 – Free Agents are On the Way

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This offseason should include a few bigger name and more proven free agents for the Astros. There is no way to know who they will bring in until it happens obviously but they are not shying away from improving the team drastically with a few swift and well made moves.

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1 – Payroll is Going Up

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This is all the proof you need to know these guys are serious about being a long-term winning franchise. They aren’t raising it ridiculously but considering Altuve is their only commitment for 2014, they are raising it plenty high enough to make a splash in the American League West. Raising the payroll won’t win the division but they are proving they want to win and that is a ton for any fan to be thankful for.

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