New York Mets Rumors: What Would Landing Ryan Braun Mean For The Team's Future?

By Mike Cifarelli
Ryan Braun
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Ryan Braun has been a superstar in the league since he made his debut back in 2007. Overshadowed with his pseudo-admission of steroid use (he didn’t technically apologize for anything in particular), Braun has a lot to do in order to repair his image. Milwaukee may just not be the place for the slugger.

In 2011, the Milwaukee Brewers re-signed Braun to a deal that would keep him under team control until 2020. It’s a complete steal, as Braun could easily become the highest-paid player in baseball if he hit the open market. With the cloud of steroids hanging over his head, the Brewers may want to unload the superstar to fill other needs.

The New York Mets have been part of rumors lately suggesting that they could end up with Braun. The Brewers are looking for a powerful first baseman, and the Mets have two of them. Ike Davis and Lucas Duda both have some serious home run power. The bad news is neither has been able to do much of anything else. It would be hard-pressed to think that either of them could be a centerpiece to land Braun.

If the Mets have any hope of making this trade happen, the pot would need to be much sweeter. Braun would easily bring three to four top prospects. It wouldn’t be surprising if he brought in even more pieces for the Brewers. Even if the Mets pick up his entire contract, the asking price would still be high.

This deal may not happen anytime soon and is most likely to be revisited as the 2014 trade deadline approaches. The Brewers want as many teams in this race as possible to maximize their return.

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