Are Jimmy Rollins and Chase Utley Worth Keeping Until the End of Their Careers?

By Rebekah Milsted
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The Philadelphia Phillies core infield are beginning to age. Many have questioned that, with the Phillies’ age, will they be able to return back to the playoffs? Fans thought that, by now, the front office would have started rebuilding and begin going in the younger direction. Instead, everything is staying the same and Ruben Amaro Jr. is signing older players. Recently, Amaro has said that Jimmy Rollins and Chase Utley will both stay in Phillies’ uniforms until they do not want to play the game anymore. Is that the right decision?

Rollins has been with the organization for too long; he has been in Phillies’ pinstripe since 2000. I believe he has gotten too comfortable here. Rollins used to be a leadoff hitter that you could count on, but over the last couple seasons, has been slacking. He has been caught not running out plays or not being able to find his swing. This season, he finished with an average of just .252. He only had 39 RBI, where he usually gets well over 60. He only had six home runs when, even though he is not a home run hitter, he can usually get close to 20.

Rollins has a no trade clause in his contract, which means he cannot be traded in less he approves. He had said during the season that he was not going to go anywhere. If the Phillies could figure out a way to move him, I believe that they should. Although Rollins is a face of the franchise, sometimes teams need a change.

Utley, on the other hand, still contributes well to the team. He came back strong this season after being out due to his knee injury. He finished the season with a .284 average and knocked in 69 RBI. Utley is also the heart of the team, even though he is quiet. He wants to win and does his best to be a role model for his teammates. If the Phillies traded Utley, the whole locker room atmosphere would be different. Utley may be getting older, but he knows how to stay on top of his game.

It would be hard to picture the Phillies without Rollins and Utley, although Rollins just seems like he doesn’t have anything left in him. Utley has proven that he deserves to stay with his talent on and off the field. Both players seem like they will be around for while.

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