Peter Moylan a Sneaky Signing by Houston Astros

By Josh Sippie
Charles LeClaire – USA TODAY Sports

After spending the majority of 2013 injured, Peter Moylan landed in the free-agent pool with very little hoopla surrounding him. It’s a big free-agent crop when it comes to relief pitchers, many of such pitchers the Houston Astros figured to pursue at some point.

Moylan’s 2013 statistics leave much to be desired. Throw that anomaly season out and it’s a whole different story.

Prior to 2013, Moylan never had an ERA over 3.24, and aside from 2011, never passed 3.00. He rarely walks batters and even more rarely gives up home runs. At 34 years of age, he fits the bill as a ‘flyer signing’ by the Astros. It was an inexpensive signing that can in no way backfire. He was offered a minor league contract with a Spring Training invite, but given his track record, he could very well put together a good Spring Training and find himself on the MLB club come April. He’s got the experience necessary to be a key part of a Major League bullpen.

With the bullpen obviously the chief concern of the Astros, they’ve wasted no time in picking up some subtle help in the likes of Darin Downs and Moylan. While those two by themselves are clearly not the only help needed, it’s a good start. The more names the Astros throw into the mix for the bullpen, the more likely they are to pick out some gems that can help Astros’ nation forget about how atrocious their bullpen was just last year.

More signings are on the way for the Astros, and it’s an exciting time to be sure.

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