Carlos Beltran Perfect Fit For Detroit Tigers

By Brent Smith
Jeff Curry- USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Tigers are looking for an outfielder to join Austin Jackson and Torii Hunter, but who better to join that duo than Carlos Beltran? The difference Hunter made on this Tigers team was profound, and it would make absolute sense to try and repeat that again this year with Beltran. Some will say that his age makes him a liability, just like they did when the Tigers signed Hunter, but the veteran leadership mixed with some of the best offensive numbers available make Beltran a perfect fit.

Obviously the Tigers will have to be careful not going too high on a bidding war with other teams who are sure to be interested in Beltran, but if the Tigers could somehow land him, it would instantly make the Tigers a more complete and balanced team. The Tigers are also now in desperate need of protecting Miguel Cabrera after trading Prince Fielder away, and Beltran is the only bat in the entire free agent market that, if needed, could slide behind Cabrera and give him the protection that is needed to allow Cabrera to swing the bat. Not to mention the Tigers could start him in left field where he could be one of the better defensive left fielders in the game.

It makes a lot of sense for the Tigers to sign Beltran, and it makes a lot of sense for Beltran to sign with the Tigers. The Tigers will be major contenders for a championship, and Beltran has stated his dream is to finally win a World Series. It could be a perfect marriage that could allow both to finally get over the hump.

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