Detroit Tigers Smart To Let Jhonny Peralta Walk

By Brent Smith
Tim Fuller- USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Tigers had the chance to keep Jhonny Peralta, and there were some fans in favor of doing just that. It had been suggested that with the vacancy at first base, maybe it would have been a good idea to go ahead and move Miguel Cabrera over and place Peralta over at third base where he has played previously in his career. When word broke that the St. Louis Cardinals had signed Peralta to a four year deal worth $52 million, it was clear that the Tigers made the right decision.

Peralta was always a good role player, but the $13 million a year contract he got out of the Cardinals is extremely overpaid. You knew there was going to be a market for Peralta after the postseason he had, but Peralta is only a .268 career hitter, and while solid defensively, is not someone who should be entrusted with the type of money the Cardinals are going to be paying him. That is not even brining up the baggage of his steroid scandal from last season.

The Tigers are learning that while keeping players is a sign of strength, sometimes letting them go is a sign of intelligence, and that while it is painful to let productive players walk, if the value is overextended, it is not worth it to the future of the organization to pursue those players. The Tigers will be just fine without Peralta and will be better off not giving a 31 year old role player a 52 million dollar contract. The Tigers made the right decision letting Peralta go to the Cardinals.

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