What Does Jhonny Peralta Signing With St. Louis Cardinals Mean For New York Mets?

Jhonny Peralta

Rick Osentoski – USA Today

Yesterday, news broke that shortstop Jhonny Peralta was closing in on a deal with the St. Louis Cardinals. If Peralta does indeed sign with St. Louis, the New York Mets‘ plan for shortstop could be in need of an update.

With Pete Kozma the everyday shortstop for the Cardinals, the team made it clear that an upgrade was needed. Linked with names like Elvis Andrus and Jurickson Profar of the Texas Rangers, the Cards decided to go with a guy with a little more pop in his bat. The Mets now find themselves looking at a very thin shortstop market.

Stephen Drew remains the only high profile shortstop in free agency. However, with the Cardinals now out of the market for the pair of Rangers, it could open a door. Trading for either Andrus or Profar would not be easy, but placing Daniel Murphy in a deal with young, talented pitching may be enough to pull off a trade. There is also the added fact that rumors place the Rangers in the Robinson Cano race.

Profar seems to be the guy Texas wants at short, and that could swing Andrus into a potential salary dump (meaning Texas just wants someone to eat his money) to sign Cano. Of course, even in a salary dump good prospects would still have to be involved in the deal. If the deal does happen with Murphy involved, the Mets could sign Omar Infante or Kelly Johnson. Signing both wouldn’t cost much either. Each player will most likely end up signing deals that pay them less than $10 million annually. If the Mets had no trouble signing Chris Young to almost the same amount, they should easily stick the money out for at least one of the players.

Another option for the Mets could be to just sign Infante. Infante has spent his recent years playing second base with the Detroit Tigers, but he is capable of playing short.

Peralta signing with the Cardinals makes life a bit harder for the Mets. However, the team does seem serious about wanting to upgrade, as recent rumors have them linked to Nelson Cruz.

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