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5 Reasons for San Francisco Giants Fans to Be Thankful Heading into 2014

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5 Reasons for San Francisco Giants Fans to Be Thankful Heading into 2014

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The idea of a San Francisco Giants fan being thankful right now might seem a little difficult. I would think however that the serious Giants fans, though unhappy about what happened in 2013 would know their team well enough to be somewhat positive going into 2014. There are a ton of things that Giants fans can be thankful for as they look at their team right now. We are going to look at five of those reasons in this article.

It is never easy to see a team lose but losing after a World Series title is obviously worse. Still, not many teams have won as many championships as they have over the last few years. That by itself is plenty enough to be thankful for. The team is well managed and they have one of the best ballparks in MLB. Even through the good things however there are always questions.

No one really knows how well the pitching staff will shake out this season. Whether or not the re-signing of Tim Lincecum for that sum of cash was a good choice or not is up in the air. If it wasn’t they do have the option of trading him because it was just a two year deal. If it was then they can think about doing something more next time.

Maybe they paid too much money to free agents too early this offseason. On the other hand they could have just wanted to lock up their roster early so everyone could focus on business and get back to the World Series in 2014. Either way, here are the things that Giants fans can be thankful for heading into the upcoming season.

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5 – Javier Lopez Re-Signing

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I would love to put Lopez’s ERA against left-handed batters right here but its so small you wouldn’t be able to see it. To put it another way; if they gave an award for the best pitcher against left-handed hitters Lopez would have laughingly walked away with it. Re-signing him is actually worth losing a starter and the Giants fans will be thankful all season long that he is returning. That is doubly true if the Giants get back into the playoffs in 2014.

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4 – Hunter Pence Hanging Around

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I make no bones about my opinion of the deal the Giants gave Pence. It is too much money because they paid him based upon one of the greatest few weeks of his career. But just because he got a ton of money doesn’t mean he isn’t a vital and important member of the team. He is absolutely those things and the fans should be glad he is sticking around no matter how much money they paid him. The Giants have some extra dough around anyway thanks to two World Series titles. They might as well spend it.

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3 – Brian Sabean

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Sabean isn’t the best GM in baseball but he does his job to the best of his ability. Quite simply, he wasn’t happy with the way his team performed during the 2013 season, especially the pitching staff. Sabean then is going out and changing that pitching staff as well as signing other key members to give his team the best chance to win. All GMs simply do not do that so fans should be thankful Sabean does.

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2 – Buster Posey

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Posey might not have had the MVP season he had the season before but he still was the leader of this team throughout the thick and thin of the bad 2013 season. He will only be a better leader because of the losing season they had this season and fans should certainly make sure they are thankful to have one of the best catchers in the game when he hits the field in 2014.

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1 – Tim Hudson

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The signing of Tim Hudson will be a great thing for the starting pitching staff but it will be even better for the atmosphere of the clubhouse. The greatness of this signing cannot be explained by throwing stats out in an article. He will be a critical member of this team and make them much better just like he has done with every single team he has ever played on.