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5 Reasons for Seattle Mariners Fans to Be Thankful Heading into 2014

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5 Reasons for Seattle Mariners Fans to Be Thankful Heading into 2014

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In searching for reasons for the Seattle Mariners fans to be thankful I have to admit that it took a moment. There are more than a few questionable things going on for the Mariners including holes that need to be filled. You don’t have to look terribly hard however to see the silver lining in the cloud that sort of hangs over the Mariners right now. The good and thankful things are certainly there.

Before we get to that we can look at the other things. They have no DH to speak of at this point in the offseason. Obviously they will address that but it’s a hole for now as is the outfield. They need some help there as well. Some good comes from starting pitching but then again the starting staff has questionable holes in it as well.

What to do then for a Mariners fan? Where are the good things? Certainly they are not in the firing of Eric Wedge because I doubt anyone could seriously think that Wedge was the main problem with this team. It’s possible that the GM is the problem and maybe he should go.

Regardless of all of that however, there are current things to be thankful for. We will look at five of them. This is certainly well up for debate and change as the offseason goes on from here. Feel free to please leave a comment with any updates that the fans of the Mariners should be thankful for. If they sign someone big in free agency for example, add a comment saying fans should be thankful for that guy if you feel like doing so. Without further delay, here are the top five.

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5 – Potential Free Agents

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When I say free agents are potentially coming in, I mean good ones. Rumor has it that Jacoby Ellsbury could be on the short list of players that the GM wants to bring in and throw money at to try and change the conversation about his team and his building of it. For fans, any moves such as that or to bring in a strong DH option would certainly be well accepted.

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4 – Lloyd McClendon

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I do not like the firing of Eric Wedge at all because it puts the new manager in a bad spot. If the current GM goes out there is a huge chance that the new manager could leave after only one season when a new GM comes in. With that situation in place, finding a good manager had to prove difficult. McClendon isn’t without his doubters but he certainly proves to be someone who wants to win and seems to have a good idea of how to possibly do that. Under the circumstances I doubt the Mariners fans could hope for anyone better than McClendon.

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3 – Justin Smoak

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He might not quite have reached that elite status yet but Smoak is certainly on the way up in his career as shown by his slowly increasing oWAR stat of 1.8 for 2013. Look for a better performance from him in 2014 as he continues to slowly realize at least some of his potential.

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2 – Kyle Seager

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With a WAR of 3.9 and some of the best overall numbers on the team, there is little doubt that Seager is the most valuable player on the team when it comes to regular position players. Someone new might be added to give him a run for that title but as it stands, Seager is the man for this team on offense. Be thankful for what you have Mariners fans. You could do a lot worse than this young man.

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1 – Hisashi Iwakuma

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He clearly doesn’t make the most money on the starting pitching staff but if I had to chose my pick of best pitcher on this roster it would be Iwakuma. He absolutely was the best pitcher on the team in 2013 and even if Felix Hernandez shows his standard form in 2014 I doubt he will prove more effective than this man. Iwakuma should be a solid Cy-Young candidate in 2014.