Dexter Fowler On Trade Block; Kansas City Royals Should Look Elsewhere

By Devin O'Barr
Dexter Fowler
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Colorado Rockies are reportedly shopping electric center fielder Dexter Fowler. One of the few teams rumored in a possible trade is the Kansas City Royals. While this may sound like a perfect fit, it’s not.

Narrow-minded baseball fans would say “Oh, Fowler is fast and the Royals need speed,” but that logic has resulted in the Royals missing out on the playoffs for 28 straight years. For instance, the Royals traded away the 2013 American League Rookie of the Year (Wil Myers) for a washed-up starting pitcher in James Shields. So the Royals are no strangers to boneheaded moves and trading for Fowler would be just that.

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Alex Gordon isn’t exactly the prototypical MLB lead-off man, but he doesn’t need replacing. Besides, in 293 games at the No. 1 slot Gordon has a .285 batting average with a .358 on-base percentage. By comparison, Fowler has played 371 games at the lead-off  spot and has posted a .271 batting average and a .368 on-base percentage. With these statistics in mind; what in the world do the Royals see in Fowler?

Rockies fans will tell you that Fowler’s everyday defense is average at best and that his $7.4 million salary in 2014 is incredibly high. The Royals won 86 games last season and appear to be on the incline, but trading for Fowler would be a case of Kansas City trying to reinvent the wheel and shooting itself in the foot by trading away a top prospect for a second straight year.

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