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5 Reasons Why Robinson Cano is Crazy to Demand $310 Million

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5 Reasons Why Robinson Cano is Crazy to Demand $310 Million

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There is little discussion needed to discover who the most productive offensive second baseman in the game of baseball is. The New York Yankees and everyone else know that title belongs to Robinson Cano. The problem is that he and his agents know it as well. That means that there is a huge asking price from Cano. To the Yankees credit, they are negotiating but not bowing down to the outrageous $310 million asking price.

This entire issue goes to the very heart of the biggest problem Major League Baseball has. Just because a player is valuable should not mean he gets to hold the team hostage and demand a certain price. Why does every good free agent’s new deal have to outshine the previous deal? We all know already that Felix Hernandez’s deal will be bested by the deal eventually signed by Clayton Kershaw. After all, Kershaw couldn’t begin to accept less than the last big deal.

That is the situation for Cano and the Yankees. Surely they will be able to come to a common figure much lower than Cano’s price. Is getting the most money in the history of baseball really worth missing time playing the game? I think any player willing to miss a minute of time to hold out for a better deal should be replaced. Cano, I assume will lower his price eventually. Here are five reasons he is nuts for asking for such an incredible price to play a game he says he loves.

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5 – He isn’t That Much Better

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Cano is the best second baseman in the game recently for sure but he isn’t that much better. He isn’t worth double the cost of other similar second baseman. Is he worth more? Sure, he is. He is not worth that much more however. Any team would be crazy not to look for a slightly younger and less potent two bagger for a ton less money.

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4 – Brian McCann Factor

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The signing of Brian McCann confirms that the Yankees can get offensive production from other places. If Cano pushes the envelope too far he will end up without the Yankees in his corner and that will leave him making a choice to greatly lower his price or not play at all.

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3 – Yankees Aren’t Waiting Around

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The Yankees have stated openly that they will not allow Cano to delay the rest of their offseason plans. They needed a catcher so they signed a catcher. They’ll sign the next guy they need as well and eventually Cano will find himself on the outside looking in if he isn’t careful.

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2 – Nobody is Irreplaceable

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Something most work people learn early on in their career is that nobody, no matter how good they are, is irreplaceable. Someone or more than one someone can be hired to do what you can do and the same is true of Cano. There are second basemen in the league that make way less that has the potential to be almost as productive as he is. Also there is no guarantee that Cano will produce after 30 the way he produced before.

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1 – Even the Yankees Think it’s Too Much

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For years and years and as long as anyone can remember the Yankees have been the biggest of the big money teams. A memo to Cano or any other highly priced free agent: If the Yankees think it’s too much money, it is too much money.