5 Ways That Paul Goldschmidt Can Win MVP in 2014

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5 Ways That Paul Goldschmidt Can Win MVP in 2014

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When the vote for 2013 National League MVP vote came down there were doubtlessly quite a few disappointed fans of the Arizona Diamondbacks. Paul Goldschmidt manned first base for the DBacks all season long and led the N.L. in most offensive categories. Many figured he was a shoe-in for the award but instead he came in second place to Andrew McCutchen.

McCutchen certainly deserved the award but so did Goldschmidt. There is no use crying over spilled milk though so there is only one question left for Goldschmidt supporters. What can he do to win the MVP award in 2014 that he didn’t do this past season? Believe it or not there are a few things that he can do to help ensure that he has a better chance at the award.

The good news for Goldschmidt is that there wasn’t a ton of competition for the coveted award this season and the same could be true in 2014 as well. This season it was basically between he and McCutchen and if the same is true next season he would have a good chance. You would have to expect more competition however and if that happens it will be even more important for him to do what is on this list.

Here are the five ways that Goldy can get the MVP award in 2014 instead of being the runner up once again. Please leave a comment in the comments section below if you have anything to add on the subject.

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5 – Hope Diamondbacks Win

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It might sound strange but one of the best things that Goldschmidt can improve upon in order to win the award instead of finishing second is for his team to win. Many voters find it extremely important that the winner of the MVP award comes from a team that at least won their division. It was true of both winners this past season.

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4 – Get 130+ RBI

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Goldschmidt was no slouch in RBI in 2013 and he needs to continue that trend with a mark higher than 130 to assist voters in having zero choice but to give the award to him.

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3 – Get 40+ Home Runs

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Though hitting more home runs is no guarantee, it most certainly would help convince more voters that he should be the one that gets the award. He will need to add more to it but certainly the higher the homer total, the more likely he wins the award.

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2 – Hit for Higher Average

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Any MVP winner usually is close to the league leaders in batting average and that was the only category that Goldy didn’t nearly dominate this past season. It is possible to increase power numbers and hit for a higher average because MVP winners do it all the time.

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1 – Fewer Strikeouts

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Once again this goes against the grain a little bit as usually big power hitters tend to strikeout more. It is possible however for a hitter to strikeout less and hit home runs. Goldschmidt certainly can do this and if he does it will increase every other major stat and thereby give him a better chance to win the award.

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