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5 Reasons Prince Fielder Will Dominate With Texas Rangers

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5 Reasons Why Prince Fielder Will Dominate

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Prince Fielder has been a member of the Texas Rangers for about a week now, and he is already distancing himself from the Detroit Tigers. Introduced at a Rangers' press conference, Fielder was sporting a new haircut and a new jersey number. He will be No. 84 in Texas, representing the year he was born.

The Rangers will not care what number is on his back, as long as he gets back to his slugging ways. Last year, Fielder had his lowest home run total since 2006. Is it a sign of a decline?

Looking at Fielder's career stats, he has earned a seasonal reprieve. The hitting conditions in Detroit and Texas are polar opposites. For that reason, it will quickly be evident if Prince will regain his throne as a king masher once again, or if he is falling out of the court of premier home run hitters.

The conditions and elements should improve the power numbers for Fielder, and the Rangers figure to have a productive offense around him as well. Another factor that could help Fielder get back to his impressive stat lines is the change in divisions. The American League West does not figure to be as strong as the AL Central. Also playing in around 10 games in the bandbox known as Minute Maid Park down in Houston will serve as an assist.

Count myself in the group that believes Fielder will have a bounce back year power-wise in his first season with the Rangers. However, it could just be sticking with a fellow 1984 baby. Here are five reasons Prince Fielder will dominate with the Texas Rangers.

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5. He Plays Everyday

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Fielder has missed 13 games in the last eight seasons. You can criticize his body type, but he is as durable as anyone out there.

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4. Power Numbers Are Still There

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Last year's home run total could be just an aberration. Comerica Park is not exactly an easy place to hit home runs in. He averages 36 home runs over the last seven years; look for that total to go up playing a full season down in the Texas heat.

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3. Elvis Andrus And Jurickson Profar

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Next season, Fielder will have two young table-setters hitting in front of him. Elvis Andrus and Jurickson Profar will be a dynamic duo both offensively and defensively.

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2. Adrian Beltre

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In Detroit, Fielder was the protection for Miguel Cabrera. He was a factor in Cabrera winning a triple crown. Now, he will be the guy with the protection in the form of slugger Adrian Beltre.

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1. Rangers Ballpark

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The park is made for left hand sluggers, and Josh Hamilton is the most recent example. Right field in Texas is a short porch and has a very favorable jet stream. Tee it high and watch it fly.