Former Houston Astros' Killer B's Deserve To Be Enshrined Together

By Josh Sippie
Brett Davis – USA TODAY Sports

After 15 years playing for the Houston Astros together, first baseman Jeff Bagwell and second baseman Craig Biggio, both members of the Killer B’s of old, face another Hall of Fame vote in January. After narrowly missing what would have been a well-deserved first ballot enshrinement, Biggio only needs to garnish another 6.8 percent of the vote to be immortalized in Cooperstown. A member of the 3,000 hit club, Biggio will no doubt make the Hall of Fame. The only question is when.

3,000 hits is one of the automatic numbers, but Biggio adds more than just that. He was an All-Star second baseman as well as an All-Star catcher. His 668 doubles are the most doubles by any right-handed hitter in Major League history. He is also the only player ever to achieve 600 doubles, 250 home runs, 2,700 hits and 400 stolen bases. While that may seem obscure, anytime you are the only person in Major League history to do something, it’s usually pretty special.

Bagwell’s vote percentage mimics that of Andre Dawson, who recently spoke in favor of the two Killer B’s enshrinement. At 59.6 percent, Bagwell still needs another 15.4 percent to earn his ticket to the hall. Bagwell’s time in Houston was just as decorated as Biggio’s. He pulled in Rookie of the Year honors in 1991 and took home MVP in 1994 with an amazing .368, 39 HR, 116 RBI stat line.

Had Bagwell not been forced into retirement by nagging shoulder injuries, his numbers would have left no room for doubt. However, even given what he finished his career with, Bagwell is beyond deserving of enshrinement.

At a time where Houston fans are planning for the future, a blast from the past like seeing two of their favorites at the center of the baseball world’s attention would do wonders to remind Astros’ fans what their club is all about.

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