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5 Reasons Why Dayton Moore’s Extension Is Good News for Kansas City Royals

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5 Reasons Why Dayton Moore's Extension Is Good News for Kansas City Royals

5 Reasons Why Dayton Moore's Extension Is Good News for Kansas City Royals
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More news hit Kansas City Royals fans on November 26, when a two-year extension with team GM Dayton Moore was officially signed. Moore has been held under the microscope of harsh fan scrutiny for years, but from his management came a truly successful product in 2013. With the Winter Meetings on the horizon and several questions left for KC to answer, signing the team's overall strategist to two more years is good news.

This two-year deal is a no-brainer when one considers how odd it would be to let a GM enter their final year with a team without knowledge of their own future. While many, including the Star's Sam Mellinger, have pointed out that this was no shocker for the franchise or its fans, he suggests that this two-year deal stops short of giving Moore the reins over the Royals for the long term. Although the franchise is confident and faithful in this process, that process has been a very long one. Even with a freshly inked contract, failure in the coming seasons could cost Moore his job.

Nonetheless, Moore has taken his strategy and fielded a winner. In seven seasons with the Royals, Moore has watched his team go from 62-100 in 2006 to their first full year of promising, competitive ball. Dayton Moore's job was arguably on the line as late as the midseason of 2013, but after a second-half turnaround, owner David Glass felt confident enough to extend his contract. The critics to this deal are many, but there are plenty of reasons why this extension is good news for Royals fans.

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5. Keeping the core together

Keeping the core together
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Ned Yost recently signed a two-year extension with the Royals as well. It seems only right that the first GM/skipper combo to take KC to legitimate, repeatable success should have their time extended together.

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4. Homegrown talent

Homegrown talent
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Moore should get serious credit for building a team primarily from the minor league system. Along with scouting and drafting well, Moore built the farm system that produced the bulk of KC's playmakers currently on the roster.

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3. Improved talent for signing

Improved talent for signing
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This is easily the most debatable topic on the list, but Moore has shown that his ability to mold a winning team through trading and free agency has improved. The Royals are still financially limited, so his bullets are few in the free agent market. Although some are against the Jason Vargas signing, complaints about this move will always be a far cry from past failed signings (Jose Guillen comes to mind and immediately induces a headache).

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2. Refusal to suck

Refusal to suck
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Former Royals GM Allard Baird allowed this team to unabashedly suck. He's the reason why Kansas City baseball was a punchline throughout his tenure with the franchise. He's the reason I don't have very many friends that love the Royals. Moore, on the other hand, forced his winning strategy on a wavering ball club and slowly churned out success. Through farm system development and scouting prominence overseas, Moore showed enough to David Glass to (hopefully) make him spend accordingly for a team with a chance to be competitive. Moore should be appreciated simply for his refusal to let the Royals suck any longer.

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1. 86-76

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The most important reason for re-signing Moore is also the most blatant. For the first time since '03, the Royals headed into the offseason as a winning team looking to improve. For the first time since the '80's, the Royals and their fans are confident in their ability to compete and even contend for a playoff berth in 2014. In the sports world, winning is always the best reason to keep a guy around for as long as possible. The team has gotten better every year so far, so there's no reason at all not to give Moore additional years.