Toronto Blue Jays Rumors: Is Alex Anthopoulos Doing The Los Angeles Dodgers A Favor If He Acquires Matt Kemp?

By Jonny Adornetto
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Alex Anthopoulos may very well be working around the clock trying to configure ways that would allow him to land players via trade that would make an immediate difference on his ball club. It appears that the Toronto Blue Jays are looking to once again make some noise during the MLB offseason, and this time it could be with another National League club.

After last offseason’s blockbuster trade with the Miami Marlins, the Blue Jays still seem to be focusing on wanting to acquire big time players with big time contracts.  Matt Kemp of the Los Angeles Dodgers has been linked to the Blue Jays recently, and although he has struggled with injuries over the past two seasons he doesn’t come cheap. If Kemp were to make his way up to Toronto from L.A., he would be bringing with him over $120 million that is still left on his contract.

If Anthopoulos manages to trade for Kemp from the Dodgers, at first glance you would have to think that he would most likely deal the likes of Jose Bautista packaged with a top prospect in Aaron Sanchez or Marcus Stroman. However, Anthopoulos could be doing the Dodgers a favor in acquiring Kemp and his big contract so he may not have to give up as much talent as you would think. The Dodgers have been in talks with Hanley Ramirez about extending his contract, and with Kemp’s injury issues they may choose to free up the money to invest elsewhere.

The Blue Jays are the perfect team for the Dodgers to deal with if they want to dump Kemp’s salary on to someone else so they can start locking down those that produced for them in 2013 . Anthopoulos feels comfortable with making big trades for big stars as he is well aware that it isn’t easy for any Toronto team to draw the interests of highly sought after free agents.

Looking at the current Blue Jays outfield of Bautista, Colby Rasmus and Melky Cabrera it looks as though there isn’t much vacancy, but that could change with the craftiness of Anthopoulos in a hot second. Whether they decide to make a package deal or just flat out open up their checkbook, the Blue Jays could surprise a lot of people in regards to how they may be able to acquire Kemp from the Dodgers. Rogers Communications may be on the verge of flexing its muscles once again during the MLB offseason.

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