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5 Reasons Why Ian Kinsler Will Dominate With Detroit Tigers

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Detroit Tigers: 5 Reasons Why Ian Kinsler Will Dominate

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The Detroit Tigers’ trade to pick up Ian Kinsler from the Texas Rangers in exchange for Prince Fielder has been one of the most yacked about MLB trades in the offseason thus far, and for good reason. The massive contract signed by Fielder a couple years ago and his subsequent under performance was a recipe for disaster in the front office of the Tigers. Whether Fielder continues to slump after the trade or not, the Tigers and their fans cannot dwell on what he’s done or what he will do now. It’s time to welcome Kinsler as another All-Star edition to the lineup and look forward to his success as a Tiger.

Kinsler’s experience and consistency in a number of areas defensively and offensively will surely contribute to the Tigers' postseason chances in a positive way, and it seems his style of play should be a perfect fit. The Tigers, despite their recent success, have been missing some key pieces over the last few years, and Kinsler can fill in multiple holes himself.

Also, there’s a mental advantage to bringing in a consistent player that can play both defense and offense well. The Tigers will feel more complete with the addition of Kinsler, and his veteran presence in the locker room can only be helpful. And with the young Brad Ausmus taking over as manager, the Tigers will need all the veteran leadership they can get. I believe the former Ranger will have an exceptional career with the Tigers. Look for Kinsler to dominate for these key reasons throughout the season in 2014 and beyond.

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5. Kinsler is Not Ramon Santiago

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Ian Kinsler is a lot of things, but one thing he is not is Ramon Santiago or any of the other mediocre second basemen or utility infielders the Tigers have used to fill the spot in recent years. This is inherently a good thing on a purely mental level for the Tigers, and he will feel like a missing piece found.

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4. Comerica Park is Great for Kinsler

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Kinsler had 31 doubles in 2013, which was in the top 35 in the league. In 2008 and 2012 he hit over 40 doubles. The space in the outfield in the vast Comerica Park should prove advantageous to Kinsler and the Tigers, who could use some extra base hitting in the lineup.

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3. Durability

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Kinsler has played in over 100 games in every season since his first full season in 2006. If he keeps that up, his consistent presence will help keep the Tigers rolling in case of injuries to other players.

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2. New Dynamic Infield with Kinsler and Jose Iglesias

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Kinsler’s experience and consistency in the field will no doubt help the maturation process of young star shortstop Jose Iglesias and should create a ground ball vacuum up the middle.

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1. Kinsler Can Get on Base

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Kinsler was in the top 30 for on base percentage in 2013 with a .344 average, which is only slightly below his stellar career average of .349. Also, his career postseason OBP is .422 over 34 games. With Miguel Cabrera and Victor Martinez likely batting behind Kinsler, he should score a lot of runs too.