Gap Between New York Yankees and Robinson Cano Is Good For New York Mets

By Mike Cifarelli
Robinson Cano
Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

Robinson Cano may be the biggest name on the free agent market, but that hasn’t helped him at the negotiating table. Cano and his former team, the New York Yankees, continue to have a substantial difference of opinion. Latest reports have Cano looking for a nine-year, $250 million, deal. Yet, the Yankees continue to look at Cano in the $150 to $175 million range.

For the New York Mets this can only be good news. Having already met with Cano, the Mets understood they were extreme long shots to end up with the All-Star. However, as more time passes the more likely it becomes Cano won’t end up in the Bronx. The Yankees aren’t waiting around for him to make a decision. They have already discussed other possibilities like Omar Infante and Kelly Johnson.

If the Yankees end up moving on from Cano the floodgates will open. Many more teams will have a higher chance of ending up with him, and the Mets may move to the top of the list. Awhile ago Cano ended up dropping super-agent Scott Boris for Jay-Z. Jay-Z is a rapper, among many other things, who is trying to become a sports agent. At one point owning part of the Brooklyn Nets, Jay-Z can promise one thing to Cano other agents can’t: Being a celebrity.

Cano wants to have the attention on him, and there is no better place to do that than New York. Sure Los Angeles is nice, but New York is still a bigger market. The Yankees offer Cano the best chance to reach stardom, but the Mets would have to be in his top three.

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