New York Mets Should Bring Back Johan Santana

By Mike Cifarelli
Johan Santana
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Way back in the 2008 offseason, the New York Mets traded for Johan Santana. Back then Santana was considered one the league’s best pitchers. He was the ace of the Minnesota Twins and helped lead his team to multiple playoff appearances.

However, after being traded to the Mets Santana’s career took a nosedive. Though he put up strong numbers when he did play (minus the 2012 season), Santana constantly battled injuries. He would end up missing the entire 2011 and 2013 season. Now, Santana is a free agent and there hasn’t been much to talk about.

Because of the injuries he has suffered Santana is now a very cheap player. With Matt Harvey out the Mets have an extra spot in their rotation. Why not give Santana another look? There would virtually be no risk involved. Santana will no doubt end up signing a one-year deal and possibly just a minor-league contract.

At the age of 34 (he’ll be 35 in March) there should be plenty left in his tank. He could end up being the steal of the offseason for whichever team does sign him. The Mets shouldn’t be scared off because of the injuries he’s suffered with them. Francisco Liriano ended up being one of the best acquisitions of the 2013 season, and he didn’t bring in the same optimism as Santana would.

Santana is a couple years removed from having a successful season. However, he did pitch his no-hitter in 2012, and many believe the amount of pitches he threw during that game doomed the rest of his season. Bringing Santana back could only help.

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