Washington Nationals Rumors: Signing Robinson Cano is a Bad Idea

By Brian Skinnell
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The rumor mill is in full effect in the Robinson Cano sweepstakes. While he still remains millions of dollars apart in contract negotiations with the New York Yankees, other teams, like the Washington Nationals, have come up as contenders for the second baseman’s services.

However, is attempting to sign Robinson Cano a good idea for Washington? While second base is an area that they should take at look at this offseason, is dishing out upwards of $150-200 million something that Washington can seriously consider? Absolutely not.

Cano isn’t going to come cheap, and dishing out that much cash would be extremely risky and could potentially ruin future contract plans for players like Bryce Harper, Stephen Strasburg, Jordan Zimmermann and Jayson Werth, just to name a few. Just because the Nationals have deep pockets doesn’t mean they need to spend it — especially not all on one player.

What is the likelihood that Cano will play well enough for that contract to be considered “worth it”? If you’re going to pay someone $150 million to play baseball, you better hope that he can live up to that contract. While the figures are given based on past performance, you have to take into account whether you’ll get your money’s worth in the future.

The position of second base isn’t nearly weak enough for the Nationals to take the risk and dish out a monumental contract to Robinson Cano. For what they are currently spending, Anthony Rendon is worth the price. Signing Cano to a lucrative contract is not only an unrealistic move for the Washington Nationals, but it’s a bad idea in general.

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