Philadelphia Phillies’ Kevin Frandsen a Better Bat Than John Mayberry Jr.

By Rebekah Milsted
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Phillies had decisions to make today with the arbitration deadline coming to an end just before midnight. The front office has decided to offer utility player Kevin Frandsen a one-year contract worth $900,000. They also decided to tender the contract of outfielder John Mayberry Jr. Why keep both Frandsen and Mayberry?

Frandsen is an all-around utility player. He has been seen mainly playing the infield but can also play the outfield as he had played all three positions sometime in his career. By having Frandsen, he can fill in for Ryan Howard or an outfielder if they need an off day.

Mayberry can only play the outfield. Last season, there was a competition to play every day. Mayberry did not win a spot. He was a backup and did not contribute much. He had an average of .227 with 90 strikeouts. It just seems that there will again not be room for him and when the Phillies need a pinch hitter, Frandsen will be the option.

Frandsen finished the season with a .234 average. That may not seem high but he only had 252 at bats. He had 26 RBI along with five home runs. He became clutch when the Phillies needed him to be. Frandsen found a way to get on base as he had 59 hits and 12 walks.

Frandsen has been with the Phillies since 2012. He has always been a key bat off the bench. Mayberry has been with the team since 2009 and has never been too reliable.

The Phillies should have just offered Frandsen a deal and let Mayberry move on. He has been with the team too long and not improving. Frandsen can play wherever they put him and provide offense. He will be fun to watch this season.

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