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5 Reasons for Minnesota Twins Fans to Be Thankful Heading into 2014

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5 Reasons for Minnesota Twins Fans to Be Thankful Heading into 2014

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It would seem fairly easy for fans of the Minnesota Twins to become disgruntled with recent results of their team. They have become perennial losers as far as most would be concerned. Things are not quite that cut and dried for the Twins however. They have a different feel about them than just a team that never wins and is never going to. After all, they do end up making most games somewhat competitive.

That is something for all Twins fans to be thankful for but something tells me that fans need more than a bunch of tough losses to be thankful. The good news is that heading into the 2014 season, things are changing around the Twins. Yes, things are changing for the better. It seems that the powers that be are willing to change the conversation about the Twins a little and that will mean a better chance to win.

There are more reasons than that to be thankful however. The 2014 season could be a bit of a new beginning for the Twins and their fans in more ways than one. The five reasons that are listed next as the reasons Twins fans should be thankful heading into the 2014 season will point to some important parts of the possible new beginning for the Twins. Leave a comment below if you agree or disagree and especially if you think of more things fans should be thankful for.

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5 – Farm System

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The Twins have the #1 and #3 overall MLB prospects in their top ten as well as the top ranked second base prospect in the game. There is little doubt which organization does the best job signing young talent and even bringing it in via trade. This is a huge part of the future for the Twins.

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4 – Phil Hughes

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Hughes wasn’t a Cy-Young candidate in 2013 but the Twins do not need one to be successful. They have the ability to score a few runs and more than anything need a few pitchers that will give them decent innings and a pretty good chance to win. Hughes will be able to consistently do that.

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3 – Ricky Nolasco

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Nolasco was covered up in the Dodgers rotation but he was first in the Marlins rotation earlier that year. Without a doubt Nolasco is a solid innings guy who will give the Twins a chance to win some games. Signing him is a big deal for this team in more ways than one.

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2 – Front Office Signing Free Agents

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They said they were going to be spending some money and bringing in free agents this offseason and they have done just that. The powers that be in the Twins front office may or may not be done but either way they are doing good things for the organization that should give every fan a renewed sense of hope.

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1 – Joe Mauer’s Move to First

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Mauer is a huge part of the Twins roster. Now with the move to first base he will be able to have a continued impact on each and every game without the physical drawbacks of being a catcher. Chances are good that Mauer will produce even better in 2014 than he has in recent years past and more importantly should remain healthy.