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2013 MLB Winter Meetings: 5 Players the Miami Marlins Should Target

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2013 MLB Winter Meetings: 5 Miami Marlins Targets

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The Miami Marlins made a big move on Tuesday when they signed Jarrod Saltalamacchia to a three-year contract worth $21 million. The catcher will slide right in as the everyday backstop for the Marlins, who had a lot of trouble getting production out of that spot in 2013. Saltalamacchia played for the World Champion, Boston Red Sox in 2013, and another one of the players that the Marlins should look into adding was also on that roster.

Offense was the biggest problem for Miami in 2013, and that’s easy to see on a quick glance. Behind good starting and relief pitching, Miami lost a lot of its games due to inability to get a clutch hit and put runs on the board. A few hits here and there, and it’s not crazy to say that the Marlins would've had 10 or more wins. Would that have made them a playoff team? No, but it would've made the team a lot more respectable.

Going into the offseason, the Marlins knew they had some money to spend and some holes to fill. “Salty”, as he is known, is a great start to that goal. If the team is serious about becoming a contender, they need to continue that momentum. It was at the Winter Meetings in 2012 when the Marlins last made their most noise in terms of adding talent. There is no better time to start doing so than at next week’s MLB Winter Meetings in Orlando, Florida.

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5. Mike Napoli

Mike Napoli
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Mike Napoli would be a perfect fit in the Marlins’ lineup, filling a need at first base. Logan Morrison could very well be on the way out of South Florida soon, and the Marlins could really use a power threat to bat next to Giancarlo Stanton. In Napoli, they would not only get that power, but they get a guy known for his tough, gritty style. Napoli is a World Champion and a potential leader on a young team that is on the way up. The money will be the question here, but the Marlins have some things working in their favor. The first baseman is from South Florida, and there is also no income tax in the state. The recent addition of his teammate from 2013 should only help matters as well.

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4. Michael Young

Michael Young
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Michael Young is the kind of player who can make a big difference for the Marlins and be affordable at the same time. The veteran can play a myriad of positions and should be willing to take a significant pay cut off his most recent salary. He can play third base regularly for the Marlins, but also fill in at second base, short stop and first base when needed. He’d give them a consistent presence at the plate, stability in the field and a clubhouse leader behind closed doors.

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3. Brian Roberts

Brian Roberts
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Brian Roberts is a bit of a wild card target. While the veteran has been a solid player in the past, he’s also injury-prone and isn’t what he used to be. The longtime Oriole is on the hunt for a new place to play in 2014 and should come on a low-risk contract with a potential to outplay it. The Marlins have a need in the infield, and Roberts could be a guy to bring on board to help out. His demands aren’t well known, but it’s widely expected that he’d settle for a team-friendly contract just to be given the opportunity to prove he isn’t done quite yet.

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2. Omar Infante

Omar Infante
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Omar Infante was a Marlin as recently as 2012, and he is now a free agent -- but a highly-coveted one. After a big 2013, odds are Infante will be out of the Marlins’ price range. However, the Marlins should keep an eye on him anyway on the off-chance he falls into their laps at an affordable rate. Infante brings a lot to the table, and could be the kind of intangible that takes the Marlins to the next level.

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1. Juan Uribe

Juan Uribe
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It remains a fact that the Marlins do not have a third baseman, and Colin Moran is still a year away from being ready. This puts the team in a position where they need a stopgap until Moran is ready to join the team, assuming he performs well in the minor leagues. Juan Uribe is an intriguing name, but he likely will request a multi-year deal and may be overpaid due to his recent success. Still, the Marlins should check in and see if there’s a fit, because Uribe could be a good man to handle the hot corner and keep it hot for Moran until he’s ready to go.