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5 Reasons for Toronto Blue Jays Fans to Be Thankful Heading into 2014

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5 Reasons for Toronto Blue Jays Fans to Be Thankful Heading into 2014

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From the perspective of a Toronto Blue Jays fan, the 2013 season must have been quite a disappointment. They went out and jacked up the payroll signing all kinds of talent and trading their future away to gain others and didn’t even come close to the playoff picture at the end of the season. Despite having a let-down for a season, the Jays were not without a bright spot here and there. Going from there into the 2014 season, there will be more chances for bright spots.

Chances are if a fan of the Blue Jays were asked the things they were thankful for going into the upcoming season, they would be able to think of a few things. It might have been difficult before the latest series of offseason moves started but now at least the flow of things seems to be heading in a positive direction. Honestly, a lot of the good things that were promising going into the 2013 season are still decent and good going into this season.

The fact that things didn’t pan out the best way doesn’t mean they won’t this season. Everyone is a year older but that doesn’t really matter for most of these guys. Some players are gone to other teams while others are being newly acquired by the Jays. Without further delay, here are five things that all Blue Jays fans should easily be thankful for. Leave a comment below with any addition to my five.

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5 – Casey Janssen

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Janssen is more than a decent closer for the Blue Jays, he has become a valuable trade asset in recent months. Because the GM likes to deal in trades and the Winter Meetings are trade-happy places to be, don’t be shocked at all of Janssen is no longer a member of the roster after the month of December. On the other hand he is still valuable to the Jays if they keep him. It’s a win-win situation.

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4 – Healthy Brett Lawrie

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Lawrie needs to play a full schedule of games in 2014 just so we can all see the best of what he is capable of. Without a doubt he could be one of the best leaders in the game if he plays to potential and stays healthy all season long.

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3 – Large Payroll

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The fans can be thankful for this one thing at least. The Jays are not afraid to boost their payroll to help their chances of winning. Their payroll in 2014 could push $150MM or more.

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2 – Dioner Navarro

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The catcher position should be a solid place both offensively and defensively with the recent signing o Navarro. He will be anything from solid to a potential all-star this first season with the Jays.

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1 – R.A. Dickey

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Dickey didn’t get off to a great start in 2013 with the Jays but he did end the season much better. His final couple of months were the best of the entire season especially the ERA and WHIP numbers. Look for the familiarity of the American League to increase his success in 2014 even more. He could return to Cy-Young form but he should at least be a worthy ace.