New York Mets Rumors: Team Closing In On Curtis Granderson?

By Mike Cifarelli
Curtis Granderson
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

While their crosstown rivals have been making a lot of noise, the New York Mets are quietly closing in on Curtis Granderson. The outfielder has been the Mets’ main target this offseason as they look to add some more power to their lineup. It looks like the sides are coming to an agreement on a three-year deal. The money is clear, but something around $15 million would seem to make sense.

The Mets need to add some kind of hitting to help out David Wright, and Granderson will do that. However, Mets fans should not expect Granderson to hit 40 home runs. Granderson was most likely more of a product of Yankee Stadium, rather than raw power. What can be expected is a more complete hitter.

There is no doubt the short right field is tempting for lefties to just try and flick the ball out in every at-bat. Granderson may have fallen victim to that. Each year, his average saw a decrease. Not staring at that short-porch may lead to an increase in batting average, but he should still be able to get 25 out of the park.

What Granderson brings to the Mets is a solid center fielder, good power and a potential for stolen base threat. He is also a great clubhouse guy. Whether or not Granderson will play center may be up in the air. However, that would be the likely spot for him.

Granderson battled a couple injuries last season, but that should not be a concern. Getting hit with a ball isn’t something a player can control.

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